An Operation Model for Maximizing Profitability

Profits for contractors are in a decline, as the size of jobs gets larger and only contractors that can improve productivity through better management of time, cost and quality will survive. The productivity improvement principles that have helped other industries, such as automotive, manufacturing, commercial airplane producers and the retailing industry can be applied very effectively in the contracting industry. This program explains how to prepare for the new labor market realities and examine the principles that have increased productivity of labor, project, office management and operational theories.

This program is based on the research report Optimal Operational Model for Electrical Contractors funded by ELECTRI International.

Following this course, participants will be able to:

  • Implement steps for an optimal mechanical construction business model that will improve productivity and profits
  • Discuss productivity of labor and management principles as well as operational theories
  • Cope with shifting markets using lessons learned from other industries
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