MCA Presents

2022 Spring Symposium

Agile Construction® – A Path to Industrialization

Data Driven Closeout of a job

March 25th, 2022 • 8:00AM – 3:00PM EST

Location: Chicago area

Join us for our 27th semi-annual symposium, bringing together the practitioners of Agile Construction® to learn from each other and stay ahead

Planning, procurement, installation and closeout Graphic

Agile Construction® for Project Management

Our industry continues its journey towards industrialization. The most competitive companies will be those applying Agile Construction concepts that support Project Managers in planning, execution and controlling throughout the life cycle of their projects.

This Symposium will focus on…

  • Improve your Cashflow for future jobs based on data
    • Understand how to apply the data from your projects accurately and effectively through a cash flow analysis and apply what trends you see for future estimates.
  • Gain long term benefits for future jobs
    • Learn from your mistakes, understanding the data-driven job close-out process and how it leads to improvements and long-term benefits in your processes on future jobs.
  • Reduce all three types of risks
    • Being able to identify risks and develop processes to limit or eliminate them.

The market is hot, the workforce shortage is real, and the industry is transforming.  Be part of the Revolution and hear how it can be done, from experts and practitioners of Agile Construction®, in both union and non-union environments.