DCI Construction® Pipeline & Backlog
DCI Construction® Pipeline & Backlog

DCI Construction® is the next generation Agile Construction® software application for the construction industry. Spanning even broader scope than the single job by job management, DCI Construction® begins to explore complete project lifecycle management at the overall corporate and enterprise level. From Pipeline and Backlog, Procurement, Project Planning, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Project Scheduling, Manpower and Resource Planning, Project Execution, Daily Scheduling (SIS®), Timesheets, Productivity Tracking (JPAC®), Progress Reporting, Financial Reporting and Projection, Estimating Accuracy Enhancer (EAE®), and more – now are all accessible in one digital, common, and interconnected application to take project and work environment management to the higher level.Please feel free to email (info@mca.net) or call us at (810) 232-9797 to schedule a demo.

DCI Construction® Pricing:


• Onboarding (setup): $2000 for 20 users ($2000 for each addition 20 users)

• Subscription: $1,500/mo per 20 users


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WEM® Package Onboarding
WEM® Package Onboarding
  • WEM® Package Pricing Includes
    Proven Productivity Software JPAC® and SIS®
    WEM®’s Proprietary Software Onboarding Solution allows customers to focus most of their efforts
    on tracking productivity and recouping their initial investment rather than getting bogged down by administrative software, freeing up the customer to simply gather, input and analyze the field data on their construction projects. WEM® provides company-wide licensing and support to MCA’s first ever construction productivity measurement standard JPM (ASTM Standard E2691); SIS® (Short Interval Scheduling) and JPAC® (Job Productivity Assurance Control) Software. These two groundbreaking programs packaged together, with live online training courses are specifically designed and led by MCA’s Agile Construction® experts to get your team operating more productively and immediately improve your profitability.

  • Subscription Onboarding:

    $4,150 per Company per each 20 users. Price includes first monthly subscription charge of $650.00
  • Subscription:
    $650 per month per each 20 users
  • Additional Reports Available (call for details/demo (810) 232-9797):
    Managerial Report: $100 per report


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