SIS® Software

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Introducing SIS®

  • Planning is good, scheduling is better. With SIS®, your labor can schedule their daily tasks and give you a feedback about why and how they couldn’t finish what should get done each day.
  • SIS® will help you to know what “done” means at the end of the day.
  • SIS® will help you to create a shared space for the labor to communicate with you real-time.
  • SIS® will enable your labor to schedule their tasks, and work their tasks according to their jobs’ conditions.
  • With SIS®, you would know what is blocking your labor from achieving the highest productivity.
  • With SIS®, you will have early warning signals for profitability on jobs.
  • Use SIS® charts to help remove the obstacles with highest impact.
  • SIS® helps you to manage the jobs with pictures not numbers and reports.
  • Use SIS® for labor and material planning and look ahead.
  • Schedule one day, plan two days. You will achieve high productivity by reducing the labor’s wasted time.