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Prefabrication Handbook for the Construction Industry


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This book is a hands-on, practical, and scalable guide to prefabrication. It applies if you are starting from ground zero, or if you are at the 3% mark and trying to get to 50%. The book is not about “benchmarking” or “best practices”; it is grounded in the reality of what other industrialized industries have passed through, which will happen in construction sooner or later. We can learn from history and the science of work (Industrial Engineering), to move faster and with fewer mistakes, rather just comparing to the status quo of “best practices” in today’s construction environment.

Maximum prefab requires a culture of prefab, by understanding the true benefits of prefab which are way beyond saving “hours”. Benefits include risk reduction, increased reliability and predictability of the outcome; reduced uncertainties from the jobsite, an opportunity to train manpower in a controlled environment. Monetarily, the benefits are best quantified as composite rate savings, which reflects a better managed crew ratio and overall productivity improvement.

Paperback: 230 Pages
Format: 8.5″ x 11″
Publisher: MCA Inc.
ISBN: 9781097480340
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