» » Part 4 Externalizing Work®: Agile Construction® Webinar Series

Part 4 Externalizing Work®: Agile Construction® Webinar Series


Externalizing Work®: Prefabrication and VMI

Can you Grow with a Labor Shortage?

Segregation of work is not a new concept, and it’s the best avenue we have for doing more with fewer available people. What this means is simply
having people with the right skills for each job, not wasting highly talented, highly compensated people’s time on simple tasks.

Part 4 of our 4 Part Agile Construction® Webinar Series will focus on
identifying work that doesn’t require highly skilled electricians and can be
accomplished safer, faster and more consistently using readily available
labor, or your supply chain partners.

This content is offered in a 4 hour online program, where our experienced live facilitators will introduce the concepts and methods behind building an effective prefab process and shop that matches your business needs..

This program is for anyone who needs ways to take on more work with fewer, less qualified. Workers.

Join us from your Job Trailer, Office, or company Training Room via

Video Conferencing  on   Thursday January 16th, 2020  at either 8:00am till 11:30am Eastern time, or 9:00am till 1:00pm Pacific time.

$295.00/person per session

You may register online using this link: www.mca-soft.com/webinars

Or contact our office directly at (810) 232-9797 to register over the phone.

Multiple attendees from the same company, NECA, IEC and WECA member discounts are available upon request.

For details regarding Equipment and Network requirements, contact our office.