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Industrialization of Construction® How it will happen, and how to stay ahead using Agile Construction®


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Dr. Perry Daneshgari first coined the term “Industrialization of Construction®” in 2010 after over a decade of research and implementation in construction that followed several decades of work in other many other industries.  Connecting the dots backward and forward, he saw signals in construction that matched a similar path that other industries had been through.  The signals, namely:
     •  Market is changing
     •  Less specialization is required
     •  Unionization is declining
     • Types of markets are changing
     • System Productivity is the main difference

had been present in manufacturing in the early part of the 20th century, and looking back at the key pioneers who helped to industrialize manufacturing, Dr. Perry outlined the five steps below and translated how it would unfold in construction:

     1. Management of Work
     2. Management of Labor
     3. Lean Operations
     4. Modeling and Simulation
     5. Feedback from the Source

Building on this connection, and standing on the shoulders of giants including Fredrick Taylor, Henry Ford, Dr. Walter Shewhart and Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Dr. Shigeo Shingo and Taiichi Ohno, and many many more, MCA, Inc. was asked to conduct research, publish, and build applications to prepare and get ahead of Industrialization of Construction®.  In hand of this compilation, you have the results of these efforts over the past ten years.

We hope that you take the following away through your reading:
     1. Understanding Industrialization, including why and how it happened in other industries and how it will unfold in construction
     2. Gaining a view of the next steps construction industry will be going through, and what is needed to stay ahead and be competitive
     3. How to apply operational processes and tools in your business during this journey
     4. Why moving from traditional to professional business model is going to be required for the next phases of Industrialization, and how to get there using DCI Construction™


Paperback: Approx 278 Pages
Format: 8.5″ x 11″
Publisher: MCA Inc.
ISBN: 9798378615001
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