» » Electrical Contractors Shut Down Planning Session – Live Webinar – March 31st

Electrical Contractors Shut Down Planning Session – Live Webinar – March 31st


Do you know what needs to be done for a controlled fast shut down, caused by the pandemic? 

In many cities the jobs have started to shutdown this past week. But how do we prepare for the shut down while employees head home for isolation?

When work starts again don’t expect end dates to move enough and good manpower to be available to compensate for lost time and productivity. Construction schedules will compress, manpower will be short, material lead times will stretch, and overall cost to complete the job will increase! To be able to be ready for the ramp up, we need to make sure we close down the jobs correctly without any losses.

– What you do today will determine how this year ends for your business –

This is exactly why Agility is needed in Construction – Agile Contractors and Distributors will emerge successfully

What will you gain from this webinar?

This course is focused on what the Electrical Contractors need to do to shut down job sites effectively to ensure a smooth and strong start up when returning to normality. We will review ‘hands-on’ practices on how to plan, prepare, document and capture the important information that will be needed to start up the job again under even more pressure then we have ever experience before.


Following this course, you will :

  • Be able to develop a clear action plan for the slow down or shut down of your jobs
  • Be able to identify what information needs to be captured and how
  • Have a roadmap on how to use the ‘idle’ time to prepare for what is coming
  • Be able to define a clear action plan and next steps to start up your project again


How does the webinar work?:

  • An Agile Construction® Expert will teach the class through live video streaming. You will be able to interact and see the instructor as well as the power point presentation on your screen. In addition you will be able to share your camera so the interaction with the instructor is ‘live’ and in real time.
  • You will need webinar equipment: Web-camera, speakerphone or audio connection to the PC, a stable internet connection, a large screen connected to the PC so participants can see presenter and presentation
  • You are encouraged to bring your project information
  • Agile Construction® for the Electrical Contractor book…$55.95 + s/h click here.


Webinar facts:

  • Date: Tuesday March 31th, 2020
  • Time: 8:30am – 11:30am EST 3 hour intense session
  • Up to 12 participants possible, first come first serve
  • Cost: $500 per person
  • If you want to schedule a webinar for a different date, please contact us


To register or for any questions, please email Sonja Daneshgari at sdaneshgari@mca.net or call (810) 232-9797

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