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Agile Construction® User Group


MCA’s Agile Construction® Symposium has now expanded to a “User Group”!

Join us quarterly for three virtual events throughout the year and one in-person event for our Agile Construction® Symposium on June 20th 2024. 

Also included for 2024 is the Agile Construction® Seminar on June 19th. Click here for details.

Joining this group will allow you to:

    • Gain Inside Access and Hands-on Experience to:
      • New Product Features
      • Modules
      • Training Resources
      • User Feedback FAQs
    • Improve Job Quality.
    • Guaranteed Network to Continuously Improve your Processes and Practices.
    • Access to Data and Evidence of the Results.
    • Increase your ROI on the Use of Agile Tools.

Cost to participate: $3,000 for up to 3 people annually.

*You do not need to be a current user of Agile Tools to join this group of Agile Practitioners.

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