Prefab Blog #2 – Introducing MCA’s Agile Construction® User Forums

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Each day an increasing number of business owners and leaders reach out to MCA for answers to question about Agile Construction and how they can quickly and easily implement these principles at their company. Most often the piece of mind to embark on this Agile Construction Journey doesn’t start with MCA answering these questions, but from other business owners and leaders sharing their own experiences.

The best source of information about these types of business transformation come directly from the leaders who have successfully navigated these process improvements and are willing to share what they have learned. MCA is announcing a new Agile Construction user forum that is intended to provide a place for these discussions to happen, openly and publicly. To join our forum and many of the related threads, simply register on line, or contact MCA directly for login credentials. Joining our public forum is free and open to anyone who is interested in contributing to the conversations, or simply monitoring the “buzz”of Agile movement in the construction industry.

You are invited to come and browse the site at: or register today to post questions, answers or relevant comments on any topic of interest.

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