Prefab Blog #1 – Introducing Prefabrication Handbook for the Construction Industry

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For those of you familiar with MCA, you know that for decades we have researched a wide array of industries and industry practices in order to discover the best application for Lean and Agile principles within the construction industry. Over the years MCA has worked with a growing number of progressive thinking leaders to implement and vet out functional models and processes that support these key principles. From this we have produced a longlist of publications and tools to help all contractors to effectively apply and benefit from these principles.

MCA’s latest addition to these guides and tools is “Prefabrication for the Construction Industry”, a guide book on how to set-up, manage and perform work efficiently and effectively External to the jobsite point of installation. This publication includes simple and straight-forward, easy to understand examples of Agile Construction® principles and their application to prefabrication. In addition, this hands on and practical text also contains sample forms and documents that you can use to start implementing prefabrication in your business, now.

As you begin your journey to include prefabrication as a key element for improving your competitiveness, profitability, safety and long term business security know that in addition to the Handbook, MCA offers a complete series of training programs from ½ day to 2 day sessions which can bring your team up to speed faster and more consistently. Also, we would like to invite you to join our Agile Construction® Forum and discuss prefabrication and all forms of Externalized Work® with other business owners and industry leaders.

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