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    Phil Nimmo

    Announced today, WEM Software is providing New Users with Complementary Access to both JPAC® and SIS® for 60 days

    This offer includes access to JPAC®/SIS® for 60 Days plus up to 5 hours of support for set up and tracking

    With this offer you can Track the Impact of COVID-19 on your jobs in a way that is common among other contractors. Gather the data to support your claims for compensation and do so using a common methodology that helps overcome suggestions that the impacts are yours alone. WEM Software will Commonize Measuring Productivity & Its losses in Construction for Collective Claim Points.

    To take advantage of this complimentary offer there are only a few simple requirements:
    • Register for and Contribute to this Forum
    • Agree to Weekly Review & sharing of JPAC®/SIS® Results with all the Participants
    • Upon Conclusion – hold a Feedback & Wrap Up Meeting with MCA

    If you are interested please contact MCA at (810) 232-9797, or email Nick Aloisio at
    Additionally you may ask questions and/or express interest here in this discussion thread or visit the WEM Software website at:

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