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    Anna VanWagner

    Welcome to the MCA prefabrication forum! We are excited that you have elected to join the growing number of construction industry professionals implementing prefabrication as a key aspect of your business. This forum is intended to provide a place for open discussion about prefabrication and its growth within the industry, as well as provide a place for specific discussion about implementation of prefabrication as presented in MCA’s recent book “Prefabrication Handbook for the Construction Industry”.

    Feel free to openly discuss topics related to prefabrication observations that you are making in the industry as well as within your business in the available threads. Most importantly use your forum to gain help from others who have or are also working to implement prefabrication within their business and to provide help to those who are struggling.

    Alan McMullen

    Thank you. I am looking forward to moving our prefab in the right direction. We have been doing “prefab” for several years. Some of the things we do have be come the norm. We are looking for ways to improve ourselves and to quantify what we are doing is working or not. I recently received the new book and am currently looking through it. I’m sure I will have questions and comments once I read more. I’m looking forward to feed back and ideas from others who have found what works and what doesn’t.
    Alan McMullen

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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