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    Do you know what is needed to mitigate the risks and to ensure that you and your company make it safely through this pandemic?
    We will discuss and post the latest brainstorms and checklist here. We would also appreciate if each of you share any experience, solutions, and actions taken of your company to get through this though time together. Any posts, questions, thoughts and examples are welcome!



    Minimize the impact and prepare for the different phases:

    In our Webinar on March 25th we reviewed the different phases every Electrical Contractor and Operation needs to prepare and plan for:
    – Shut Down Phase
    – ‘In-between’ Phase
    – Start up
    – Recovery

    The last two phases will be the most difficult and most challenging. You can use the attached breakdown, which outlines the next steps to minimize impacts during each phase listed above, to create a similar roadmap for your own company.
    Please share your breakdowns or any thoughts and actions you have taken regarding these phases.

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    Current actions, observations and questions from the Webinar practitioners:

    At the end of our Webinar the practitioners exchanged on the current impact the Coronavirus is having on their projects and companies, and the actions they have been taking in response. In the attached document you can find the highlights of the discussion.

    We also have to open questions:
    – Upon return, what would be the best practice to allow for employee protection if PPE supplies are limited?
    – Should we be documenting all of the notifications from vendors (for potential arguments as project completions are concerned)?

    Please share your thoughts and feedback on these questions or share your experience on how you are handling these questions.

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    To make this clear after spending much time to understand the logic for behind the though measures. It is all about the current Healthcare system’s capacity to deal with the accelerated infection rate. This means that no matter what we do most of the people will be infected and we will see that the construction jobs will suffer for longer time due to labor shortage. In other words the recovery will not be as easy and short as some may think. Preparing and documenting everything including obstacles, access, area not ready, other trades etc. will have a huge impact on the jobs and therefore on the company’s performance. The best approach is:

    Plan->Prefab->install (PPI)TM

    Us the time to work off the job-site.

    Dr. Perry


    Dr. Meik Daneshgari

    In preparation for the 3rd stage of Business Response to the COVID-19 pandemic and following the webinar discussion, we have prepared the attached guidelines for using the Agile Construction® Processes and Tools to capture, quantify and plan the recovery phase.

    Please feel free to share your thoughts as well, and reach out to us if you have any questions or we can be of any help.

    Kind regards,
    Dr. Meik

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    Join us for the next online Webinar on Minimize the Impact of the Coronavirus for Electrical Contractors!

    Due to the high demand on this week’s webinar, MCA is hosting another complementary webinar this coming Wednesday, April 1st.
    As a participant from the first webinar, we invite you to join and share your plans and updates you have done based on our discussions this Wednesday. For those who were not in Wednesday’s Webinar,
    below are the topics that we will cover:

    – How to minimize the impact for Electrical Contractors
    – Examples of risk assessment and mitigation
    – Work Breakdown Structure for the:
    -> Shut down phase
    -> Stay at home phase
    -> Re-opening phase
    -> Recovery phase
    – Open discussions on current practices
    – Next steps

    Webinar facts:
     Date: April 1st, 2020
     Time: 10:30am – 11:30am EST 1 hour intense session
     Up to 12 participants possible, first come, first serve

    To join, please sign up under:
    Classes –> April 1st, 2020 How to Minimize the Impact of the Coronavirus for Electrical Contractor Business & Operations – Complimentary Webinar!

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    The most frequent challenges that are being discussed currently is dealing with absenteeism corresponding to the pandemic. How are you dealing with this challenge?

    I’ve also heard from some clients that they are dealing with personnel requesting a voluntary lay off due to the increased unemployment benefits being offered by the government. Have you experienced any of these?

    -Nick Aloiso



    Contractors across the US are beginning to see both direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19 on their construction projects. Users of JPAC® have been able to document any and all impacts of the pandemic on their job site, allowing the entire project team to be aware of any issues and respond quickly. The image attached hows an example of a project that has had changes in manpower due to the pandemic, in which some workers called in in order to cover child care, and apprentices who would typically be in school, now have increased availability to be onsite.

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