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    Phil Nimmo

    For most of the people joining this forum, prefab is not something new; its the way you’ve been doing things for a while now. I want to start this discussion thread with a few questions about why you started down this path. How did you get started, and how did you know it was a good thing to continue doing? My hopes are that by revisiting and sharing your own experience you will help enlighten others who may by just starting out, or others still that are struggling to measure if it’s a good thing, and how good prefab is for their business.

    MCA has introduced several ways to approach prefab, and great ways to get started, regardless of how much investment you are able to make. MCA has also introduced several ways to measure prefab, we have researched this concept, and published our recommendations; but none of that is as profound as hearing from those of you who are doing this, doing this with your own money and on projects where the outcome dictates your reputation and your business relationships going forward.

    If you are doing prefab today; jump in and answer the following questions, as well as adding in your thoughts, challenges and additional questions of your own. If you are new to prefab please jump in and join this conversation, ask questions; they can be general questions to the participants at large, or specific questions to an individual in response to their post. Just remember to be respectful and honest; this forum is for everyone; please help make it as valuable as we can.

    In a few days I will post some of MCA’s research and recommendations on starting out with prefab, and measuring the impact of prefab.

     1) How did you get started with prefab, what were the first things that you produced external to the job site, or point of installation?

         2) How did you know prefab was a good thing to continue doing; if yo measured this with data, what data did you collect and what analysis did you do to reach your conclusions?


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