Using Correct Cost Codes to Improve Job Feedback, Tracking and Productivity

Cost codes, or phase codes, are often adopted as a means for tracking project progress. Surveys of electrical contractors across the country show that the tracking is often inconsistent, burdensome and inaccurate. Historically the cost codes were developed by the estimation and accounting departments. However, the foremen and electricians in the field never install their work based on estimations or accounting cost codes. If the cost codes and activity descriptions in the field can be designed to be more useful for the electrician, the reporting can become more reliable.

Following this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss how to create or improve existing cost codes
  • Discuss how to establish cost codes
  • Describe how cost codes can be used to break down the work into traceable elements
  • Explain how to use the data to track the project and providing feedback to estimating
  • Describe how to improve the usage of cost codes, leading to accurate and useful data from the field for tracking projects
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