Strategic Planning for Electrical Contractors

Most of the operations in electrical contracting companies are short-term focused. Long-term planning and stability of the company is not a major strength of the current electrical contracting operational model. In this course, participants will learn the process and techniques of mid- to long- term planning, and gain skills to plan for financial, operational and resource longevity and stability. A range of emerging operational models will be examined to discuss profitability, productivity, new markets, partnerships, sub tracking and training needs. Participants will come away with skills to assess their current capabilities, plan a strategy and incorporate this new operational model into their companies.

Following this class, participants will be able to:

  • Identify training needs for supervision
  • Outline a plan that incorporates a new operational model into your company
  • Use processes and techniques that apply to short, mid and long-term planning
  • Describe the emerging operational models to increase profitability
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