Project Scheduling and Time Management Made Easy

A construction job site is a very fluid work environment, in a state of constant change; however, the plan needs to proceed. Scheduling and planning have an enormous impact on project productivity and profitability. When used correctly, planning, scheduling and time management skills help project managers and supervisors foresee and react to the constant changes on the job site. No job will finish without at least 70% change in its schedule—some planned, some unplanned. This program teaches the principles of project scheduling and time management, with focus on owner and general contractor schedule breakdown, Work Breakdown Structure, total job scheduling and planning, feedback and optimization of tasks.

Following this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss how to establish a useful schedule and manage project related time
  • Explain how to use scheduling skills to improve profits and cash flow
  • Identify the obstacles and correct the schedule and feedback to the GC’s milestones
  • Explain simple methods and tools for scheduling and tracking that can improve job visibility and knowledge
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