Procurement Chain Disruption: Dealing with Owner-Supplied Material

This course focuses on the updated research results and will walk through the analysis so Electrical Contractors can become familiar with and understand how to present the cost and benefits to the various stakeholders in the supply chain.

ELECTRI International commissioned a research in 2017 to investigate the impact of owner-furnished material.  MCA, Inc. conducted a research in 2003 describing various procurement chain models, which have evolved and proliferated over the years.  The updated research was completed in 2017, and produced a simple quantitative analysis that Electrical Contractors can provide to their customers and owners to describe the advantages and disadvantages of anyone other than EC’s buying material.  This course will explain the research results, and walk through this analysis so EC’s can be familiar with how to present it to the stakeholders, starting with owners and GC’s, but also including vendors and within their own companies including PM’s, field, and purchasing department.

This course will review the results of the Procurement Chain Disruption research.

Participants completing this course will:

  • Gain an understanding of the various Procurement Chain models in Electrical Construction, and when/why they are pursued.
  • Be able to quantify the costs & benefits of the various procurement chain models
  • Practice articulating the costs/benefits of the owner-furnished or GC-furnished procurement models to their customers
  • Develop a plan for communicating internally and externally to deal with owner furnished material
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