Lowering Your Material Cost by Better Vendor Partnership

This course explains how to take advantage of vendor capabilities for reducing composite rate and overall project costs.

Electrical distributors are used for providing material, and sometimes for adding services to it.  But they can be used to do a lot more.  It takes changing the perception of their role as material suppliers to an integrated party in the risk and cost reduction on the jobsite.  This class will explain how to take advantage of vendors’ capabilities, which can also be further expanded by helping the vendors to reduce their cost.

Participants completing this course will:

  • Identify services that vendors can provide to reduce composite rate
  • Identify additional services vendors can provide to support project management, estimating, and the back office
  • Quantify the value of the services vendors provide
  • Know how and when to engage vendors to make sure they can do what is needed for the job
  • Understand what the vendor needs to do to provide the services profitably for both the contractor and the vendor
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