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January 18, 2023

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8:00 am

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Job productivity has historically been measured from the accounting perspective. This method of measurement has alienated the labor; as a result the outcome is data that is not useful. This course will teach the principle, exercised successfully by other industries, of measuring productivity from the operator’s point of view. The participant will learn how to establish a useful productivity measuring method. This will help them to improve productivity by making it more visible.
JPAC® is the direct application of Statistical Process Control (SPC) to projects. Just like SPC, JPAC® will establish the baseline of job productivity and, at regular intervals, control and assure the adherence to project goals. Project goals are broken down into control elements, which will be monitored by JPAC®. Control elements are such items as:
1. Labor
2. Change order
3. Overtime
4. Schedule
5. Estimate
6. Material handling and procurement
Using the existing processes, software and information technology tools, JPAC® will extract data from the accounting, project management, inventory management and other areas of the organization and create trend monitoring graphs. The total process capabilities will be monitored and reported. JPAC® is based on the “fix as you go” philosophy of operation, which will reduce the cost of repairs and decrease surprises at the end of the job.
An additional function of JPAC® is “End of the Job” cost and profit prediction. Using JPAC®’s forecast, the “Construction Work In progress” (CWIP™) can be accurately calculated and earned revenues realized, demonstrated by our “Tracking Profit Accounting with Control” software, TPAC®. This will allow the organization to have better cash flow and profit prediction.
The application of JPAC® to jobs will guarantee much higher profits and better cash flow. JPAC® will also help increase the job estimate accuracy and hit-ratios.


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  • Boston

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  • January 18, 2023
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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