How to Use Stockmen and other Non-Electrician Help to Improve Job Productivity

The stockman, material handler or other similar classifications such as construction wiremen/construction electrician are being used more and more frequently on electrical construction jobsites. Although these workers are less technically-trained than electricians, they can have a significant impact on job profitability and productivity by reducing composite crew cost and time that multiple electricians spend handling material and other non-technical activities. This program focuses on appropriate training of project managers, general foremen and foremen to manage the stockmen’s activities, time and training to support the electrician and improve overall job productivity.

Following this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the role stockmen and other non-electrician labor play on a job site
  • Discuss the impact of effective usage of stockmen and other labor classifications on job sites
  • Identify activities in the project planning phase which can involve stockmen to reduce material handling
  • Identify examples of usage and opportunities for usage of stockmen
  • Discuss the impact of stockmen usage on job productivity
  • Explain how to use tracking to improve estimates
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