How to Price Distributor Services for Contractor Benefit

Contractors are scrambling to build facilities and implement processes to support prefabrication and Externalizing Work®, however this is not cheap, this is not fast, and this is not easy. Therefore, contractors are asking their manufacturers, vendors, and many specialty service providers to push hard to increase their list of value-added services. Many vendors know little more of what is needed from them than what they are asked to do, and few have any idea what it costs them to perform these services- let alone how the services should be priced to the contractors.

At this time the available services are known to be valuable, they are known to improve installation efficiency and reduce cost and they are increasingly desirable. However which services offer the greatest value, and under which circumstances they should be utilized remains a matter of guesswork.

Following this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the positive impact of construction services to their bottom line
  • Have a good understanding of all the different services that can be provided to a contractor
  • Understand the different price models between vendor and contractor and how this impacts the behavior of each party
  • Apply practices to identify which services will support the different jobs the most
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