How to Manage Material Handling help to Improve Job Productivity

Material handling activities are being categorized and used more and more frequently on construction jobsites. These activities are being done by less technically-skilled workers.  They can have a significant impact on job profitability and productivity by reducing composite crew cost and reducing the time that skilled tradesmen spend handling material and other nontechnical activities. Appropriate training for Project Managers, General Foremen and Foremen on how to manage the material handling activities and time as well as the stockmen’s training in how to support the contractor can help improve the overall job productivity.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding of the role stockmen and other unskilled labor play on a jobsite for material handling
  • Identification of activities to which stockmen and others help can contribute to the jobsite
  • Tracking the impact of material handling and other help on productivity and profitability
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