How to Design an Effective Project Document Management System & Control

The foundation of every contractor’s core competency is their corporate document governance. Companies of all sizes must set standards to ensure their documents speak the same language to control workflow and to uphold policies and procedures. No one product serves the construction process well. Some are too rigid, some lack security and some are just too expensive and cumbersome to link. Files must be securely organized by how they are used and where authorized personal would expect to find them, yet, easily accessible for the process to be followed and be efficient.

A document management governance and control must be designed and put in place to ensure version control, authorship and accountability. This program explains how to systemically apply PDM&C processes, so companies can ensure the accuracy, timeliness and cost of the document exchanges with general contractors, customers, government authorities and field personnel.

Following this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain process mapping
  • Describe how to run process tests
  • Explain how to design pilot processes
  • Discuss how to implement and use document governance processes
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