How to Build an Effective Project Audit Process

This course is designed to give participants an overview of what a Project Audit is, and how they can allow effect the overall profitability of a project.  Review of the common issues and the risks associated with them within the different areas of a project.  After which participants will review the overall process necessary to conduct an effective Project Audit. beginning with assembling the team, assigning roles and responsibilities, to discussion topics and action items from the closeout meeting.  All with the primary goal of strengthening internal controls, continuous improvement increased efficiency and profitability.

Participants completing the workshop will:

  • Understand what a Project Audit is and the different aspects of a Project Audit
  • Understand the purpose of conducting a project audit is for cost prevention and process improvement
  • Determine if a project is a candidate for an audit
  • Describe the different scopes of a Project Audit
  • Identify the common issues and risks associated within the different areas of a project
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