Externalizing Work® using Prefabrication Design of Effective Process: A Tool for Maximizing Profitability in Electrical Construction

This workshop is designed to provide an understanding of how to design and implement a prefabrication process as part of an overall strategy to develop an Optimal Electrical Construction Business Model. As the jobs get larger, faster, and more complex, only contractors that can improve productivity through better management of time cost and quality will survive. Prefabrication, along with vendor partnership and job productivity tracking, are key tools for optimizing the delivery time, cost and quality of large and risky jobs. This workshop addresses the key steps in effectively implementing prefabrication as an integral part of the productivity management system by providing participants with MCA’s latest research on construction productivity and helping them understand how to apply the principles to bring dramatic improvements in profitability to their company.

Topics include:

  • Research on productivity in electrical construction
  • Factors for optimizing labor productivity
  • Prefabrication: what it is and what it is not
  • Pre-planning and layout for large projects, including how to identify opportunities to externalize work®
  • Project Management and Organizational Principles to support prefabrication
  • Implementation planning, including setting up the prefab operation
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