Estimating with and Pricing of Prefabrication for Electrical Contractors – Boston NECA

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Prefabrication is attracting significant attention in the construction industry and will have an ever-increasing impact on how contractors perform their work. To date, most contractors have don’t have proven ways to account for prefabrication at a job’s bidding stage, asking for how to price and estimate with prefabrication. Having financially sustainable strategies to know how to price and account for prefabrication as early as the estimating phase will become a competitive advantage for contractors with an increasing use of prefabrication and growing market competition from around the globe.

Participants completing the workshop will:
▪ Be able to identify the different levels of impact prefabrication can have to your bottom line
▪ Understand the different prefab costing models
▪ Understand the current industry practices of prefabrication tracking and measurement
▪ Outline what their company will need to put in place to be able to include the prefab benefit into their bids

Target Audience: Owners, operations executives, purchasing directors, project managers, and estimators.



Event Schedule Details

  • October 7, 2022
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm
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