Do It Yourself Layout and Build Out of an Effective Prefab Shop

This course focuses on the principles that guide work-and material flow in a Prefabrication Facility and physical layout that optimizes capacity.

This course is designed to give participants an overview of how to layout the shop to optimize production in the shop, and have the highest contribution to profitability at the jobsite.  The course will explain the obstacles and bottlenecks that are created in a prefab shop.  Whether installing or implementing a prefab shop for the first time or with a view to improving or expanding a current operation, this course addresses how to set it up effectively using principles of Industrial Engineering and Facility Design.  Primary topics begin with principles affecting material flow through a system, material management, work flow in a system, and work scheduling. Balancing these operations naturally produces greater shop capacity and productivity.

Participants completing this workshop will:

  • Understand the key principles of material and work flow
  • Improve material management and stock levels
  • More accurately schedule task activities for the shop workforce
  • Identify obstacles and impacts to activities in the system
  • Design an effective layout for the shop floor and work cells
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