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Agile Construction allows the contractor to rapidly adapt to jobsite changes in order to complete each project profitably and efficiently. The agility of the contractor at the job site affects the profits. This course focuses on the daily work schedule as well as identifying the daily obstacles that impacts our labor productivity, job scheduling and planning. To document the daily schedule delays and obstacles on the jobs site is becoming more and more important to be able to predict and prevent the cost impacts to our jobsites. You will learn the ins and outs of the Short Interval Scheduling (SIS®)

Short Interval Scheduling (SIS®) is a  ASTM Project Tracking Standard (E-2691).


What will you gain?

Labor management is the highest risk in contracting. However, most of the issues that labor faces in their daily work are hidden from management, but with three-day scheduling all these issues become visible. This program focuses on the impact of scheduling on job productivity, tracking forms, charting of data and the analysis and interpretation of these charts.


Following this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss simple methods and tools that can be used to schedule jobs
  • Identify the obstacles and reduce labor waste to improve job productivity
  • Explain how to data analysis tools to examine and apply information to job scheduling


How does the webinar work?:

  • An Agile Construction® Expert will be teaching the class through live video streaming. You will be able to interact and see the instructor as well as the power point projection on your screen. In addition you will be able to share your camera so the interaction with the instructor is ‘live’ and in real time.
  • You will need webinar equipment: Web-camera, speakerphone or audio connection to the PC, stable internet connection, large screen connected to the PC so participants can see presenter and presentation; As well as a room that fits all participants (up to 10 people) and the Webinar equipment
  • You are encouraged to bring your project information (drawings, contract documents, project schedules, WBS, etc.) with you and you can work through the classes with an existing job to get the full value out of your attendance!

Webinar facts:

  • 4 hour intense session
  • Up to 12 participants possible
  • Cost: $350 per person
  • If you want to schedule a webinar for a certain date, please contact us


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