Agile Construction® Executive Class

A construction job site is a very fluid work environment, in a state of constant change, both planned and unplanned. Agile Construction® allows the contractor to rapidly adapt to job site changes to complete each project profitably and efficiently. The agility of the contractor at the job site affects the profits. This course focuses on a high-level overview of the methodology behind the tools used on the job site. It will also walk through and help you understand what the data produced is telling you.

Following this class, participants will be able to:

  • Have the information you need from JPAC® and SIS® to validate the job status and know what questions to ask.
  • Have ease of access to information on what is happening on the job sites.
  • Access to an Executive dashboard; able to manage the job, material, and labor.
  • See the trends on open job sites to predict a profit or loss; monitoring these trends will allow you to make changes on the job site to bring long-term benefits.
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